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Creates a report slide and populates the content


report_add_slide(obnd, template = NULL, elements = NULL, verbose = TRUE)



onbrand report object


Name of slide template to use (name from templates in yaml mapping file)


Content and type for each placeholder you wish to fill for this slide: This is a list with names set to placeholders for the specified template. Each placeholder is a list and should have a content element and a type element (see Details below).


Boolean variable when set to TRUE (default) messages will be displayed on the terminal; Messages will be included in the returned onbrand object.


onbrand report object with either the content added or isgood set to FALSE with any messages in the msgs field. The isgood value is a Boolean variable indicating the current state of the object.


For example consider the mapping information for the slide template title_slide with the two place holders title and subtitle.

 master: Office Theme
       type:         ctrTitle
       index:        1
       ph_label:     Title 1
       content_type: text
       type:         subTitle
       index:        1
       ph_label:     Subtitle 2
       content_type: text

This shows how to populate a title slide with text:

obnd = report_add_slide(obnd,
 template = "title_slide",
 elements = list(
    title     = list( content      = "Slide Title",
                      type         = "text"),
    subtitle  = list( content      = "Subtitle",
                      type         = "text")))

See the function add_pptx_ph_content for a list of allowed values for type. Note that if mapping defines the content_type as text, you cannot use a list type. Similarly, if the content_type is defined as list, you cannot use a text type.


obnd = read_template(
      template = file.path(system.file(package="onbrand"), "templates", "report.pptx"),
      mapping  = file.path(system.file(package="onbrand"), "templates", "report.yaml"))

obnd = report_add_slide(obnd,
 template = "content_text",
 elements = list(
    title         = list( content      = "Text Example",
                          type         = "text"),
    sub_title     = list( content      = "Adding a slide with a block of text",
                          type         = "text"),
    content_body  = list( content      = "A block of text",
                          type         = "text")))