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Used to take small markdown chunks and return the as_paragraph results. This function will take the markdown specified in str, calls md_to_officer, evals the as_paragraph field from the first paragraph returned, evals that result and returns the object from the as_paragraph command.


md_to_oo(strs, default_format = NULL)



vector of strings containing Markdown can contain the following elements:


list containing the default format for elements not defined with markdown default values (format the same as md_to_officer, default is NULL)


list with the following elements

  • isgood: Boolean value indicating the result of the function call

  • msgs: sequence of strings containing a description of any problems

  • as_par_cmd:as_paragraph generated code from md_to_officer

  • oo: as_paragraph officer object resulting from running the as_par_cmd code


res = md_to_oo("Be **bold**")